Friday, September 30, 2011

Sweetbriar Week in Review: Insta Friday 9.30.11

Linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged


 Here's our week in cell phone photos...

 New shoes...and slippers  :)

 Yogurt date with mama

 Tickle monster time!


Sweet potato: "Mama Mama, I hurt my toe."  
Me: "Which toe?"
Sweet potato: "Dis one mama (grabbing big toe), the one that went to market."

 Scarecrow Festival at Rural Life Museum - admiring the "moooo" cow

 Taking a break with his best friend.

 Listening to a precious 10 year old sing.

 Watching the wagon rides from afar...

 ...and up close

Checking out the lily pads.

 Painting a pumpkin.

 Our little artist!  :)

 Loving the big tractor.


Jeannett asked participants to include a DIY related photo...with a brand new job (that I'm loving so far - thank you, God!) I have very little time for DIY but I'm working on something that includes these:
A fabric remnant that I L.O.V.E (Hobby Lobby) and 
these adorable Etsy prints.

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  1. Oh those saddle shoes are cute!! Off to check out your give away. :)

  2. Thanks, Anna! I cant believe how fast my little guy's feet are growing! :)