Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sweetbriar Home: Living Room

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The inspiration for this post is our family room.

We don't live in a magazine.  All of these photos are "as is." 
Toys, children's books, train table and crooked frames are how we really live! 
I'm surprised I didn't catch any furry wagging tails in these photos.

Our living room during remodel - Sept 2009
Wall color is Sherwin-Williams Techno Grey!!! (in all common rooms in our house).
It is a lot "taupier" than it appears in most of these photos.
Trim color is Sherwin-Williams Alabaster.

Our living room - Sept 2011
What I want: glass coffee table and
built-in bookshelves next to the exterior door.
Sofas (herringbone tweed fabric) and coffee table from Home Furniture
Grey Paisley Rug from Home Decorators - $289 (I'm allergic to wool so I buy cotton or synthetic)
Antique secretary from my friend's grandfather's antique/refinishing shop Recollections

What I want: new art for above the sofa
Framed prints from Z Gallerie 

Lamp from Home Decorators
Brown pillows came with sofas
Blue-Grey floral pillows $29 each from Overstock (also avail from Home Decorators)
Red bouncy ball (under end table) from Target - "as is" remember?
Check here for full view of the photo of my lil sweet potato - worth the click!  :)

 Collection of old and new family photos, wedding photos, framed wedding invitation, mirrors. 
I didn't want matchy matchy frames so it's a mix of colors, textures and finishes.
Mirrors from Target - on clearance for about $10 each!

What I want: something different under the window...maybe bench or updated console
I may also add these drapes  to match the throw pillows from (you guessed it) Home Decorators
Antique secretary from my friend's grandfather's antique/refinishing shop Recollections
Console from Target - 8 years ago (time to go!)
Bamboo shades $32 each from Overstock (Note: these are not privacy shades)


  1. What a beautiful room! That secretary is gorgeous, and I love the paint color! Thanks for linking up to the roomspiration party! :)

  2. Thanks so much! I need to work on my photo is so difficult sometimes! :)

  3. Love this room! I especially love your mirror/picture wall :) Stopping by from Gussy's!

  4. it appears we have the same Antique secretary. i found mine at a tag sale in our neighborhood and i couldn't turn it down at such a good price.

    you have a great living room space :)

  5. Oh wow, Elizabeth, how cool is that?!?! The finish on yours is beautiful! Ours needs some TLC! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  6. Thanks, Sarah B - I left a comment for you on your blog. :)

  7. I love the wood floors and natural light from those windows!! Your room is beautiful!! :)

  8. Beautiful house. I love how you mixed the mirrors in with the frames! very classy!

  9. beautiful! truly! and, seriously, if that's "as is", you don't want to see my family room right now. :)

  10. Thanks for the comments, ladies!
    Anna - well, I did straighten the pillows...we only have 1 kiddo and we help him put everything away when he's done playing, so it keeps the toys/books craziness to a minimum! :)